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Love, True: From Genesis to You

The following poem was inspired by a sermon I heard at church yesterday. I hope you enjoy it.

Love, True: From Genesis to You

The genesis of it all

Came before the Fall.

Adam and Eve are meant for each other;

They cannot live without one another,

Nor by themselves alone.


Adam was not complete

Without his wife Eve;

God already knew.

He created the plants and the animals;

The Universe, too.


Loneliness is the ocean

In which we swim

When no one and nothing else

Can fill that deep void within,

When we see ourselves in the mirror

And believe that there is no hope

For us as individuals – as loners.


But you – Mankind –

You need Womankind.

Each and every one of you have sought attention

By crafting clouds of influence

To complete yourselves with your own inventions.


You – Eve and Womankind –

You are not aphids;

You need Adam and men and God – men of God, too.

We do not need prophets

To illuminate this Absolute Truth.


Love and Romance,

Relationships must be chosen right.

Your partner must be found by faith in the LORD.


Ignore the bombardment of voices

That are lies meant for their own profits’ sake.

They are meant to distract you

From the choices that should and must be

Left to your relationship with God alone.


Do not follow the example of Solomon’s son,


Who forsook the advice of a righteous elder

For the approval of his friends

When pressed to make the decision about how he would rule Israel

After his father passed away.

We are held accountable for the voices we listen to;

He chose wrong and divided the kingdom on that very day.


Yes, redemption is possible,

But sometimes we miss our chance.

Occasionally, first opportunities cannot be redeemed.


There is no room for guilt;

Do not be dismayed.

The God of Your Forefathers must be obeyed.


Eve – your body belongs to your husband as a gift.

Adam – yours belongs to Eve and is her property alone, too.

You are not inadequate as individuals,

But you are incomplete by yourselves.

Without each other you are unfulfilled shells

Of your true potential.


Do not sell your bodies or your souls

For standards and to people that are beneath you.

God – Jesus Christ – created a partner

Fit for each and every man (the woman of his dreams),

For each and every woman, too (the man best meant for her).


Loneliness is a lie and a choice.

Listen to your Father in Heaven,

Who loves you for who you are

And is the counterintuitive whisper that speaks to your inner voice.


Virginity is something sacred; it must be treasured.

Do not give it away – nor abandon your standards –

For you are leaders wherever you go.

God the Father will put your life together

And mold it into a Creation beyond your wildest expectations.

Even in your mind, virginity is special.

Those of you who maintain it are blessed,

And are free from temptation’s downward spirals.


No more sexperimentation;

You lie to yourselves.

Follow your True paths;

Man and Woman were made for each other.

That is the only way to make a marriage blessed by God;

All other ways are false and forever against the odds.


Those of you who feel unworthy of love,

Think again.

You cannot scare God away.

Only you are responsible for your choices,

Whom you listen to, and whom you obey.


Stick to your standards – elevate them to Jesus’s level.

You deserve nothing but the best; lose faith no more.

Faith in God is the pathway to the open door.

The Bible is that Door,

But here is another harsh fact:


You are better off alone with God

Than married to the wrong person.


Solitude is different from loneliness.

It is chosen isolation shielded by God’s loud whispers.


Adam and Eve – Man and Woman –

He has been there for you since the Very Beginning.

Trust Your Father, Who molded you from clay.

You might just find the love of your life today!

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