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Looking Out for You – A Stream of Consciousness

For you: my friends.
The time is nigh.
I want these words to reach you;
I’m sorry if it is late at night.

I have been pressed by my heart
To share this with you all now.
Sorry for waking you,
But it’s something we all need guidance about.

You are wonderful; you are grand.
I mean this as your friend.
Anyone who treats you below your inherent worth
Must be thrown off the deep end.

Do not be manipulated by anything or anyone
That lures you with false promises or seemingly attainable rewards.
Watch out for Ponzi schemers and liars and those who are only half-true.

They are the rabbit-holes to Oblivion,
Compromising you now and again.
You are too good for those people and that fate;
I want you to be aware that this world is full of phonies
Who do not even know their identities.

Protect yourselves;
Be on alert.
I have seen this firsthand;
One bad perception can lead to a lifetime
Of being treated like dirt.

I love you guys for who you are.
You are amazing, glorious reflections of God.

Love is whole-hearted, honest,
Shameless, unabashed, sincere, and direct.
You know it is there if you can confront it head-on
And get an answer without jumping through hoops
Or by playing a game of three-dimensional chess.

Anything else is fake and you know you deserve better.
That is why I woke up and wrote this letter.
Take it or leave it;
I am looking out for your best interest.

Trust your intuition, your Conscience, and the Spirit
To make sure the proper path is before you.

The time is nigh
For me to wish you all good night.
Be courageous. Be strong. Be aware.
You will know who truly cares.
Everything else is just fiction
To be left in God’s jurisdiction.

May you be blessed wherever you go.
It is because you matter,
I woke you to tell you so!

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