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A Eulogy for America/Lamentations

Here is a poem I wrote to encourage you through Valentine’s Day, taking into account the events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the other tragedies that have taken place this year. I hope it helps you all.

A Eulogy/Lamentations

Why do we love whom we love when we love them?

How do we love others in the face of indifference?

In light of yesterday and its tragic events,

We will skip the lofty goals and sentiments.

We must face ourselves in the mirror

And survive the judgments of our reflections.


Hatred is everywhere; so is war.

Does anyone protest and care seriously anymore?

All I hear are empty battle-cries

And bursts of rage against injustice.

Vigilantes and these fearsome emotions

Defeat the purpose of life,

To love others more than we love ourselves,

And to draw people to Christ.


Anger and fury might as well be vacuous stares;

They only consume us from inside our own little bubbles

Of relative truths and self-engineered facts

That implode when reality attacks.


I too was hateful once.

Wrath and envy ferment into destruction

And all of its manifestations.

These sour feelings drain our humanity dry,

To the point where we are all so isolated,

That we are too psychotic to cry

About the people we once were

And how we lost ourselves in the lies.


Such is the state of our country right now.

We are so fatigued by our egotistical falsehoods

That our Savior cannot simply save us.


Back to the question,

Why do we love whom we love when we love them?

Does this extend to our relationship with God, too?

The Universe must revolve Him, not us.

I hope that our thoughts are revolutionized,

So that the learning of hatred can disappear,

So that the abominations in our nature are dismantled.


If you are lonely – reach out!

Do not fester any more;

Linger not in sin or doubt.

You have a holy destiny to choose.

Oh, how these words and I pray for thee;

I would rather take the fall

Than see you plunge to the ground right in front of me.


On this Valentine’s Day,

Now that it has passed,

Remember that you are loved

Even if you are single.

You matter;

Seek a future that will last.

All will work out for your benefit

If you persist.

You are wonderful because you exist.


We must conclude for the time being.

I have overwhelmed you with my words

Which I hope are freeing.


Love is the answer for all of our problems,

Whether it is through embrace or active listening,

Or by sharing God’s gifts to you with those around you.


We must listen to Jesus and His Holy Spirit,

Navigating the difficulties of our lives with our Consciences.

Altogether, they are the most reliable moral compasses.


No more excuses

When He tugs on our heart strings.

Fear is a liar;

Cast it into the fire.


Instead: pray. Pray harder.

This world cannot bear any more victims,




We must reciprocate God’s love for us tonight.

If we don’t; the hourglass might lose its last grain of sand.

The clock will strike midnight; our lives could end.

If we ignore our callings – whatever the situation requires –

The circumstances of the past could become the present

And morph into catastrophes dire.


We have no choice but to walk in the light.

My friends, are you ready to do what is right?

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