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“The Great Hope Is Truth”

The following poem is fictional and is not based on anyone or anything in particular. Please take it for what it is – an intense poetic story.


A hero marches forward

As the hourglass flips upside-down.

All that is old has become new,

While the modern turns ancient.

He moved the clock’s hands a fathom

Into Space-Time’s perilous depths.

Through a rabbit-hole he goes,

Where light is belched on an axis

Into the surrounding cosmos.

He has come to liberate us from our evil nature.


He is our champion, our greatest hope,

Yet beneath his veneer of glory is a burden of shame.

Yes, he has saved the world before,

But he is actually a pawn in a dangerous game.


His heart was pure,

His motives rational and circumspect.

He who prevented catastrophes

Earned unconditional respect.

Born in isolation, the hero was sheltered

From life’s truths since his youth.

Ideals were his goals;

Bringing them to reality his manifest destiny.


The hero was consumed by the ideals of liberty and fairness

That pervaded his psyche.

He was ordained to be king.

He was so brainwashed that his name became a curse (as did he)

When the binding chains were broken by dragon’s rage.


Clouded by pain and sentience he was,

That he declared war against his own existence

And all whom he deemed as resistance.

The trauma of his past was just too deeply rooted.

His mind was withering from lack of relief;

Renewal was denied by the lies

That the impostors had invented.

They are the supreme conjurers of false beliefs.


Few things are as wondrous or as terrifying

As pure innocence, they concluded.

There were periods when anger occluded the soul

And the hero was abandoned to its fury.


Where was the responsibility, the love,

The dignity that is inherent to all living things?


Bondage cannot be broken by people alone;

Only the Messiah can be the Truth

That sets them free.

Such was the case for our champion,

A mere mortal,

Who was imprisoned by his own ideals.


To walk the tightrope of double-mindedness

Is to run through forbidden flames.

Even one mistake can end it all

When Jesus Christ is not there

To catch you when you fall.


The LORD of Hosts found the hero

In the midst of a dream.

Miraculous was the message,

Which mended his wounded heart.


God spoke:


“Strive no more.

Power is narcissistic and futile

Because humility cures all cults of personality,

Even that which surrounds you.”


The Voice of Truth annihilates all deceitful notions.

It overwhelmed the man,

A grown-up brought down by hypocrisy,

Constant rumination, envy, and bouts of paranoia:



Can the sun shine once more?


He was a boy at heart,

Disobedient and tormented by rolling nightmares

That nullified the connection to his true self.

His spirit was a dull blaze.

Yet, contact with God’s spirit ignited his soul,

Flooding the gates of his mind

With enough good memories to make him whole.


The hero wept for the first time,

Discovering that there is joy in sadness

And, for once, true salvation.


“I am no hero, Jesus,

Just a phony.”


“No, My son, you are sincere

Because I came to you

And you accepted the Truth.

You are clean now.

Lay down your life for Me.

Your past is history.

Do not seek it.

My Grace is the present,

The gift of a future to be revealed as a delightful mystery.”


“We are inseparable

Now that you have been baptized with the Holy Spirit.

You no longer live in captivity.

Live your life with intent.

Say goodbye to your disability.”


Heroism is not just passion or strength.

Truth triumphs over Ideals

That alter Eternity.


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