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“The Bridge of Destiny”


You have reached the last poem;

The time has finally come.

This book is about to end;

We must gather what was sown.

Have we approached the limit of what is known?


A miracle has happened

Within the Sojourner’s Spirit.

What is supernatural has shifted;

It has become second-nature

To the Original Trailblazer,

Our awesome Creator.


This path is His path – the only path –

The only way illuminated by He,

The Lion and the Lamb, Jesus Christ,

The Lord of All things hidden and seen.


There are no railings

To save us from the jagged cliffs below.

God still sings for us despite our failings,

Because we are His children and are not meant for a lowly existence.

We were created in His image, molded with love

From His breath and the dust of this temporary Earth.

You can only access the Bridge of Destiny

After you have experienced a Second Birth.


From afar, it is a long and winding sight,

Founded on God’s immutable promises and

Baptized by a cloak of Everlasting Light.

God is the Truth and thus cannot lie,

He is perfect forever; forsake you He will never do.


You must believe Jesus and believe in Him

In order to trust Him.

When you trust Him, you can love Him

With all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul.

Once you love Him, you can recognize His presence

And begin the Redemption that will restore you,

Make you whole.


Follow the footprints to the End of the Line;

Jesus is the faithful Journeyman’s Holy Spirit, too.

He is all-knowing, all-powerful, and everywhere.

Salvation is the rhythm of the atmosphere.

It is the tangible love of our awesome Creator.


The Destination might seem intimidating,

But the alternative is much worse.

Conquer your fears and make the right choice;

Your Conscience will help you identify God’s voice.

Your future is at stake. The evidence is sure.

You will soar once the hesitation disappears;

The Holy Spirit will guide you to positive Eternity.


For we humans cannot fathom the good in store

If we have been forgiven and our intentions are pure.


Be strong. Lament no longer.

Join me on the exhilarating ride to Heaven,

Where we can be among the angels.

You belong here!


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