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A Plea for Forgiveness, 2017

The best part about “forgiveness” is that it contains the words “forgive” and “forgiven”. When you forgive someone, you are also being forgiven by God for holding grudges against that person. Mercy must always come before hatred, even in crazy times like these. If it does not, we will lose our own individual souls to spiritual poison and discard our collective humanity for total beasthood.

Hatred is the act of murdering someone in spirit with all your heart. Take the higher ground and respond with compassion and love and forgiveness, for Love is Life and this world is only temporary (as are we). Our destination is an eternal one. Anger and rage solve nothing unless they are harnessed into civilized protests against doing nothing. If you are reading this message, you are privileged because you have been given everything Life has to offer and more. Savor your blessings.

We must not treat our leaders, our friends, or even our enemies with such evil language – no matter how despicable or fabulous they and/or their beliefs may be. We must follow Jesus’s Golden Rule – the Golden Rule: treat others how you would like to be treated. There is nothing that makes a person superior to another, not even Divine Grace or Favor. This madness must stop with us taking charge immediately, at this very femtosecond. We must start by taking inventory of ourselves and then repenting to God for our transgressions against everything we possibly remember. Then we must forgive ourselves and move on (this is new to me, too!). Forgiveness is an arduous process that requires work and inspiration, but there is no feeling that compares to its completion. It is so liberating, I confess!

We cannot control the world (thank goodness) but we can control ourselves (thank goodness). Yes, there are hypocrites everywhere, but there are honest people everywhere, too. We can be honest hypocrites and be publicly sincere with our shortcomings. The world has always been falling apart, but in brokenness there is healing and redemption. I am tired of all the hate speech and other shenanigans that I see online and hear on television. We are not the only ones responsible for this mess, but we are also responsible for this mess. That is why we need our Messiah now.

I do not care where you stand with Jesus Christ (I stand by Him, but that’s besides the point); I care that you stand for something. We do not need superheroes and false gods. We need more highly-informed citizens who are not afraid of voicing their opinions in a civil way. The only alternatives are tyranny and civil war (or World War 3: The Revenge of the Fallen). We are all so divided on numerous fronts that we are afraid to compromise with the people we love the most – our families, friends, and allies (and pets that count, too). We also forget the areas on which we should never compromise, like the inherent dignity of everything and everyone on Earth and in Heaven.

We need more sanity and forgiveness now, because only actions backed by those conditions can succeed in this political climate. Forget the Paris Accords; start with the climate inside your mentality (with the help of loving friends and family, of course). Dust yourselves off and be bold in a conscientious way. Let your Conscience in, since He is the best friend one can ever have.

Let this be my two cents for the rest of 2017. I have faith that you will choose forgiveness over hatred, liberty over poisonous grudges, an informed public over fictional superheroes that only offer escapism from the harshest Truth of life on Earth – that all things are temporary except for the consequences of our choices, especially doing evil and/or doing nothing. Please forgive for your own sake, not mine, for nothing beats a pure, clean Conscience!

Thank you for your attention and readership,


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