“Somewhere in This Heart”

Somewhere in this heart

Lives a younger version of myself,

Unaware of the troubles a man will face.


Though I search for him now,

He cannot be found,

Untarnished by the passing of time and space.


Where can he be at this hour?

I finally made time for the dreams of my youth.

Am I only more distant from the truth?


When I was a boy,

The world’s secret beauty astonished me.

A trout, a salmon, breached from the river

– The Great Forgiver –

With arapaimic force.

Titans, beware this mighty fish!


But mighty scales shielded meaty whales

When I tried to pull it to the surface.


Nature teemed in this neurasmic stream,

Its tributaries now dry

As the bitter winds that chill my hardened veins.


Though my aorta is aflush with doubt

In this dreary, frozen drought,

I look upwards, downwards, and inwards

For my bygone reflection in the arterial mist.


Blood runs thicker than water,

As I am now bereft of myself past and present.

Somewhere in this heart lives the answer,

But will life be any different?

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