“Blessed Is the LORD”

Blessed is the LORD,

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,

The Source of Souls Who loves all,

Even after the Fall,

Who dusts us off and makes us new again.

He is my Friend.


He is my Refuge and my Shield,

My Guardian in times of trouble,

My Inspiration and my Breath when I need double.

Mighty is He, the Separator of Good from Evil.


His Name is Jesus Christ,

My Lord and Savior,

And Source of Humility and Grace.

He elates as He deflates pride.


He takes all worries away,

And replaces them with prayer.

He is necessary as a light under my feet

To be my Truth where ends meet.

Hallelujah to the One, Triune, True God,

The Second and Last Adam, the Holy and Ancient One!


Blessed are we to dwell in His Presence,

Where Eternal Life transcends evanescence.

Hope and Faith are the Pathways to the Almighty,

Who is Gracious, Loving, and Slow to Anger.

He is Merciful, Just, Compassionate, and Wise,

The Soothing One Who pacifies injured souls,

The Restorer, the Glorious King, and the Prince of Peace.

He is my Peace.


The LORD of Hosts is the Light, the Truth, and the Way,

And He is my Blessing – the Source of Them All –

That I choose to follow every single day. Amen.

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